I did it!

Oh yes I did, I bought a brand new Winnebago Sunstar LX 27N in April, 2018. I still have a home in Maryland and can’t live in the RV yet but that’s my goal, quickly. I retire this summer after 36 years at the University of Maryland and can’t wait to get on the road full-time. Lots to do first.

I had been watching RVTrader.com for RVs, studying all classes and sizes to find the brand and size that I thought I could live with. I know all the stories about how buying an RV new is like tossing money out the window but I had a checklist of items I needed in an RV to make sure I’d be happy.

  • Queen bed, full, so I can use my SleepNumber bed. I wanted to be able to walk around the bed to make it.
  • Gas powered, I don’t want to be stuck not beging able to find diesel gas and the slower speed in a gas rig doesn’t really bother me.
  • I need to be sure I had 2′ of usable counterspace to be able to cook meals. This item excluded so many RVs on the list.
  • Definately, without a doubt, under 30′ in size. I already knew I needed a tow dolly to be able to keep my Prius and under 30′ was a serious requirement.
  • Big shower, as a person who freeks out in small spaces I needed a shower I would want to use.
  • Newer technology was a must. I needed things like a black tank flush, backup camera, side cameras, bluetooth, a nice TV, an inverter for boondocking, and all LED lights for lower power usage.

So what did I buy? Well you can see it on my home page but I bought a 2018 Winnebago Sunstar LX 27N and couldn’t be happier. Although I was living in Maryland at the time I purchased it, I bought the RV in Iowa! I had selected the Sunstar. Now this is rig that lists for about $155k new, but we all know that no one pays full price. Shopping online I found Lichtsinn RV “just a mile from the Winnebago factory.” I had found the exact RV that I wanted the LX 27N, it was new, a 2018 and had come off the line so late in the year that I had all the 2019 new features! I called and got Nicole Lovik-Blaser as my sales rep. She was OUTSTANDING, patient with me, sent photos and information I has requested and after the 2nd or 3rd RV I looked at we had a deal! I sent a deposit, flew there, finished my paperwork and drove home. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Winnebago you have to check the prices with Lichtsinn first, and definately ask for Nicole Lovik-Blaser, she’s fantastic.

Lichtsinn RV and Nicole Lovik-Blaser
That’s me and Nicole when I purchased my RV in April, 2018

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